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Welcome to Standard Poodles In Need, Rescue & Rehome. We are a Canadian non-profit foster-based organization primarily concerned with the welfare of standard poodles, but also with the welfare of toy poodles, miniature poodles and poodle mixes. Who can say no to the little ones? Please take a look around the website. We have some great dogs for adoption. Some fantastic upcoming events. And we are always grateful for any donation that you are able to give. 

Go ahead. Embrace your inner poodle. Join us!


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DOG LOCATION: Killaloe, ONTARIO. Valen is a beautiful boy. A gentle soul and a dog who truly needed rescuing. We are here for Valen and now we're looking for his forever champion. Someone who is willing to get to know this sweet dog on his time, letting Valen decide how fast the relationship progresses. You see, Valen came to us afraid of humans; terrified really. Too scared to eat when we&...read more about Valen
Please give a big SPIN welcome to Rex. Some days are very exciting! SPIN received a call that two standard poodles were being "released" from a puppy mill in southwestern Ontario. They needed to be picked up NOW. Okay! Sure! We are on it! These dogs are mill dogs and shut down. But who would transport them from London area to Norwood? A 3 1/2 hour drive! One way. Because the dogs...read more about Rex
Please give a big SPIN welcome to Bernard! DOG LOCATION:  Toronto, Ontario.     Bernard is a male standard poodle who turned two years old in August.    He bounces, rolls, jumps and runs and think it's all great fun!   This energetic boy is sure to be a handful (of fun and work!) for his new family   Bernard is an anxious Poodle who...read more about Bernard