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Valen Valen
DOG LOCATION: Killaloe, ONTARIO. Valen is a beautiful boy. A gentle soul and a dog who truly needed rescuing. We are here for Valen and now we're looking for his forever champion. Someone who is willing to get to know this sweet dog on his time, letting Valen decide how fast the relationship progresses. You see, Valen came to us afraid of humans; terrified really. Too scared to eat more about Valen
Phoenix Phoenix
DOG LOCATION:   Burlington, ON, Canada Name:  Phoenix Breed:   Standard Poodle M/F:     Male, neutered Age:  1 year, 7 months (born 28/5/2021) Weight:   22 kg / 48 lbs. Colour:   Black  3 words to describe him:    Quirky, personable, resilient, fun (we cheated because he deserves it)  What more about Phoenix
Ronnie Ronnie
DOG LOCATION:   Bowmanville, ON Name:  Ronnie Breed:  Standard Poodle  Sex: Male Neutered Colour : White Weight : 62 lbs Height : 28” Age : He'll turn 3 years old in March 3 words to describe him: spectacular, powerful, athletic What kind of a home does he need?: A more about Ronnie