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Valen Valen
DOG LOCATION: Killaloe, ONTARIO. Valen is a beautiful boy. A gentle soul and a dog who truly needed rescuing. We are here for Valen and now we're looking for his forever champion. Someone who is willing to get to know this sweet dog on his time, letting Valen decide how fast the relationship progresses. You see, Valen came to us afraid of humans; terrified really. Too scared to eat more about Valen
Willy Willy
DOG LOCATION:  Ottawa, Ontario.      Willy has had more than his fair share of homes and now we want to make sure this move is his last. He deserves a great home! Too many people have given up on him. Why? Well he’s not perfect. Willy is a very gentle dog but he can take just a little while to warm up. Once he does, look out! He'll love to be near you all the more about Willy
Cooper Cooper
DOG LOCATION:  Cambridge, ON.    Meet SPIN’s silly standard poodle named Cooper! What a great dog. Cooper is 4 years old and is just about perfect. If you are looking for a family dog, Cooper is your boy. Cooper prefers a home where he will be the apple of your eye. We had him in foster homes with another dog, but he just didn’t settle. He loves people. LOVES more about Cooper