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Valen Valen
DOG LOCATION: Killaloe, ONTARIO. Valen is a beautiful boy. A gentle soul and a dog who truly needed rescuing. We are here for Valen and now we're looking for his forever champion. Someone who is willing to get to know this sweet dog on his time, letting Valen decide how fast the relationship progresses. You see, Valen came to us afraid of humans; terrified really. Too scared to eat when we& more about Valen
Frenchie Frenchie
DOG LOCATION:  Ottawa, Ontario.     Frenchie is a gorgeous male Standard Poodle who was born in November, 2019.  Frenchie is an energetic boy who will require a lot of care, mental & physical exercise, attention and training to keep him satisfied and fulfilled.   This will all greatly reduce the chances of him resuming his resource guarding more about Frenchie
Loki Loki
DOG LOCATION:   Ottawa, ON.   Meet Loki. He is a stunning mixed breed dog. Part Poodle, part Australian Shepherd and just as cute as can be. Loki was born in a puppy mill and he is so scared of this world. His prior owner, saviour really, did so much for him and then realized he needed even more. Every parent cries at graduation and she cried when he came to us. Loki didn' more about Loki