Rainbow Bridge

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Little Rocky got to spend his senior years walking along the beach and through the woods.  Happy, friendly, playful this was Rocky's dream life.  Hannah and Sally loved him so much. Rocky must have always been a country dog at heart, because the lake became his new favourite place--when he saw the water he couldn't be dragged away.  We at SPIN, and especially his foster Mom Eva, are grateful that we got to know this dynamite little dog. 


Goofy, demanding, super-intelligent, Baxter was happily adopted as an older poodle. He adored the love and attention he’d get from people on his city walks as much as his trail runs through the woods. He had a keen eye for small furry creatures like squirrels and chipmunks (AKA “Bax Snax”!) – but would also get revved up for motorcycles! (Obviously, Baxter was lovingly supervised!) Baxter got to choose his own new toys at the store, visit Niagara’s wineries in the back of the convertible, and live a cherished life until it was his time to cross the rainbow bridge – peacefully, in the worst snow storm of the season, but then Baxter loved snow! Thank you, Baxter, for sharing your sweet self with the SPIN community.


Poncho of the big, loving personality found his perfect forever home with his foster Mum, Dad and resident poodle, Cooper, and the two dogs became inseparable friends. He adored playing catch, lying with his head in his people’s laps, and he even learned to enjoy the adventure of travel to new places. Sadly, an aggressive cancer claimed Poncho on July 27, 2017 -- too soon (he was just 7 years old). Described by his Mum as one of the best dogs she ever had, Poncho is much missed and very much loved.


Bria, a sweet little toy poodle who loved to be with her people, came to SPIN as a senior and found the perfect match with Angie and her family. For two-and-a-half too-short years, Bria brought them immense joy and love with all her quirks and kisses. Even when she had to have an eye removed, she still seemed to see right into the soul of those who loved her so much and now miss her so deeply. Farewell, Bria. April 24, 2007-April 12, 2019.


Sweet Sasha was a true lover, kind, gentle and interested in the world. No one who knew her in later years would have believed that she was rescued by SPIN neglected and underfed. Sasha came out of her shell in foster care and blossomed in her adoptive home, where she adored her family, made friends with the folks at Tim Horton’s and kicked up her heels running on the beach with her Mum. Sadly, aggressive, painful arthritis stopped her fun much too soon. We love and miss you, Sasha, and are so glad that you were able to live happily ever after.

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