Rainbow Bridge

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Ella crossed over the rainbow bridge today
I am blessed to have had her light shine on my life
Thank you SPIN for all you do

There is a new tiny star twinkling bright in the night sky.
He was only 5 lbs & almost 17 - I was crazy in love with my mighty Hulk. Who knew such a giant of a sweetheart could be wrapped in such a tiny package. I adopted him from SPIN seven years ago when he was a "young senior" & although he came to me later in life I loved him as if I had him a lifetime. I helped him to the Rainbow Bridge a week ago today, I know the sun is shining on him while he spins with happiness and runs for the pure joy of it as he loved to do. I'll hold you close in my heart until we meet again sweet boy xo


Finn heard a voice from way up high

“Little one, it’s time to say good-bye”.

Don’t be afraid – come walk with me

To a special place where you will see

A Rainbow Bridge to fields of green.

Others wait there pausing in their play

To say “Hello” in a doggy way.

They’ll tell you tales of balls and bones,

Of games and walks and loving home.

And in those fields while you rest or play,

or work at keeping silly squirrels away

Remember your hoo-man left behind

whose loving and missing you every day.


Our beloved girl. She died so peacefully in my arms yesterday afternoon. Heartbroken is putting it lightly. She has been battling a tumor in her colon since late August. We cherished every second we had with her and feel so incredibly lucky to have had the last few months with her to spoil and cuddle. Tasha was the best friend I ever had and my heart will always feel empty with her gone.

Sadie Mae

It is with a broken heart that I share the news of Sadie Mae's passing today. I took her to the vet yesterday because she hadn't been eating. They did blood work and the results were horrific. Her blood sugar levels were off the map. This was very sudden but the possibility is that she had a tumour on her pancreas that prevented the production of insulin. She also had signs of other organ failure. Sadie was so loved by everyone she met. Family and neighbours came by today to say good-bye.

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