Animal Success Stories
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In October, 2021, SPIN took in a 1.5 year old standard poodle named Percy. He was terrific and his foster family took to him immediately. They even went on vacation together sheltering in a Yurt! Percy loved it.

Then in December his lovely foster home was invaded by a new dog! Chance came in from Toronto Animal Services and was so seriously in need of some loving. Percy gave Chance so much joy and fun. He guided his new foster brother on how to live life well.

Percy's adventurous, loving spirit caught the eye of a young couple. They wanted to give him a home he could call his very own. And today Percy got his wish. He even has a big brother called Jackson. Well done, Percy. Well done.


Teddy cannot believe his luck! As soon as he saw them today, he ran towards them. Teddy remembered them from the meet and greet and he was soooo happy. Look at that little face all snuggled in. 

Teddy came into SPIN through Lincoln County Animal Services. He wasn't doing well at the shelter, plus he badly needed some dental work. SPIN looked at his little face and said, Of course we will take him. When we got him we were surprised that he had a bum hind leg. We had him examined by a vet and it was the vet's opinion that the leg had been broken at one time and did not heal properly. As it didn't seem to bother Teddy, there was no reason to go back in and correct. It is what it is for Teddy. He is happy, healthy and gets around quite well!

So, little buddy, on to your new life. If you are happy, we are happy!


Back in September, 2021, SPIN got a call from the Windsor Humane Society. They asked if we could bring in a small poodle mix that was in very bad shape -- clinging to life actually. We said, absolutely. Susie arrived on Michelle's doorstep late one night from a transport chain of volunteers. Half dead. Minimally responsive. And if she did respond, it was just to growl. Dr. Michelle DaCosta rushed her into surgery.

Susie had a pyometra (uterus infection) and was not recovering well from surgery. She had acute kidney injury where her kidneys were shutting down. She was so cold it took days to safely rewarm her. She didn’t eat for well for over a week. She had multiple mammary tumours. Her teeth were painfully grinding against each other because they were all out of line. She was petrified and aggressive if approached.

For the first few months Susie was extremely nervous. She did *NOT* let Michelle examine her mouth without some snapping. And as Michelle likes her fingers, she limited her interactions and respected Susie's boundaries.

But then Michelle noticed that the tip of Susie's tongue looked odd. This progressed over the next few days and she started to have trouble moving her tongue, and would quiver her little jaw. To take a look, Michelle videoed her when syringe feeding. Upon replay, what she saw was horrifying. The tip of Susie's tongue had become necrotic. The tissue has died. It was likely a combination of the long-standing infection (endotoxins) as well as her low body temperature and kidney injury.

There is nothing you can do once the tissue has died, so they treated with more pain medication and a liquid soothing medication to coat her tongue. Without mincing words, the tip of her tongue fell off. Thankfully, the amount of tissue that sloughed off was minimal, and has been replaced by healthy granulation tissue, but it was horrifying and so so scary for our girl - she couldn’t figure out why her tongue wasn’t working.

So onwards we went. Once Susie's tongue started feeling better, she started to eat again AND Michelle got a nose lick from Miss Susie’s new tongue. Her first kiss.

When Susie felt well enough to try to get up, she could barely walk. She also was morbidly obese, had multiple mammary masses, abnormal dentition causing pain, both her back legs had her kneecaps in the wrong place (MPL) and her left hind leg had a ruptured ligament (ruptured CCL). Back into surgery she went to fix both of her back legs, as well as remove her mammary masses (that were tested and came back as non cancerous - yay!), and remove the abnormal teeth.

24 hours post op and Miss Susie Q was back to begging for food. This was a HUGE relief as she is not an easy pupper to give medication to… but she happily took her meds in “chicken tender” and “potato wedge” pill pockets, hehe! Michelle started a regime of icing and passive range of motion exercises a few times a day. At first she was not able to walk very well at all but in typical Susie fashion, she cannot NOT be where the food is so she scooted herself over to help supervise dinner.

Over the next few months Susie lost weight with proper exercise did very well in terms of her hind legs and mobility. She started to run and play and became the happiest little dog. So cute and snuggly. No more pain and anxiety. No more snapping. No more growlies. Just the sweetest little pup.

In early December one of the pins from Susie's leg surgery 2 months before had to be removed. It had shifted while healing, and was irritating one of her tendons. This was Susie's last surgery.

When Susie was finally available for adoption, it didn't take long for the applications to start rolling in. Only one lucky family could be chosen. And so, my SPIN friends, Susie is off to enjoy her retirement! Her family loves to camp, snuggle, go on road trips, and dote on their pups. Susie ran right up to them - it was like she knew.

We love you Susie!


Back in September a beautiful brown, four year old standard poodle, danced her way into SPIN. She was surrendered for her high prey drive and guarding. Well she didn't really show much of these behaviours when she was with her foster families. She did show some anxious behaviour at first, but once she learned that her foster family was good at reading what she was saying, she learned to relax. Ah pretty girl. We wish you all the best from here on in.


At the end of October a very cute poodle (poodle mix?) came into SPIN named Ennie. Through the magic of Steve Blackman's story telling we have followed her journey in foster care. Ennie received so many adoption applications! So many.

One family had to be chosen amongst a plethora of great options. We are very pleased to announce today that Ennie has been adopted! This family adopted their other poodle, Elly May from SPIN about 15 months ago. This was Elly May's description: “Elly May is young, energetic, bouncy, full of life poodle and she is beauty.” Sound like another red poodle we know? lol

Ennie is going to a home with two teenage girls that Ennie seems to have fallen in love with already. Ennie is going from one busy house to another. Just they way she likes it!

We love you Ennie!

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