Animal Success Stories
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Back in January, SPIN was asked if we could bring in a five month old standard poodle puppy. He was a bundle of nerves and highly excitable. When he went over threshold he took a long time to settle. He was just too much for a first time dog owner.

And so Oslo was fostered by one of our more experienced fosters. Alexa had her work cut out for her. She taught him how to self-calm, to play without going over threshold, to relax and be polite. I don't know how she did it, because every time she posted photos and videos of this gorgeous dog I would swoon. So gorgeous!

But Alexa wasn't swayed by his good looks and as a result of a lot of hard work Oslo is now off to his next stage in life. To Alexa this adoption makes fostering all worthwhile. Oslo was the piece this family was missing. How lovely. How simply lovely.


When SPIN got the call about an over rambunctious 7 month old puppy who was just not doing well in his current home, we jumped into action. A foster family opened their doors immediately and in bounced Oscar and this was one of their first reports:

It hasn’t been 24 hours yet but Oscar is settling in. Yesterday when meeting my other two dogs he was quite submissive although this morning he did bark back when he felt they were sniffing too much. We’ve had a few little excitement pees in the house but he’s been doing pretty well doing all his business outside otherwise. He’s been eating and drinking well too.

What we did learn last night is although he will go in his crate, if he’s not in the same room as you he will cry all hours of the night. I pulled his crate into our bedroom around 3:30 AM and then he finally settled after about another half an hour of whimpering. He does well settling as long as the person he’s interacting with is calm. I’m sure we’ll see more of his personality come out in the next few days but for now I’ll keep staring at him because he sure is cute!

Cute he is! We have enjoyed his foster family's posts. What a character. But now Oscar has a home he can call his own. A great couple dedicated to helping dogs like Oscar lead their best life. So happy for you, buddy. You couldn't have landed in a better home.


SPIN's first intake of 2021 was puppy Ruby. How we have enjoyed her time with us. Her foster family’s photos and videos kept us enthralled and we all fell in love with this beautiful girl. In Ruby's new home she will be having fun swimming, hiking, cross country skiing, dog play dates and so many other great opportunities available in the great province of British Columbia. How we envy you Ruby! Off you go. Have fun, be good, and live your best life.


Back in December 2020, SPIN was asked if we could bring in an overweight, 3 1/2 year old poodle mix named Benson. Changed life circumstances had forced his people to ask for help. Ahhhh, little pudgy buddy, of course.

And so Benson arrived and revealed himself in all his quirkiness. He landed in a temporary foster home. His stay was supposed to be only one or two days and then we would move him to a more experienced foster. He was, for one thing, much too big. His foster Mom was more suited to the smaller dogs.

Well.... our foster plans went awry and his temporary foster Mom stepped up for Benson. Together they learned and grew. Well, figuratively at least. Benson was put on a diet and he shed a few pounds. His hips are so bad that he shouldn't be carrying extra weight.

With his foster we travelled together rejoicing at Benson's accomplishments and giggling at his, ahem, set backs. But that has come to and end.

Today we say congratulations to Benson! He has found a new family and he is so lucky! A big acreage, two people all his own. Just what we dreamed for him. Love and live happily, Benson!


A big SPIN shout of congratulations to Yoda

Back in January, SPIN was contacted by the Windsor Humane Society about a young poodle mix they had named Yoda. He was found loose on the streets so matted, dirty and covered in feces and urine. It took three hours to shave him down. They asked if we could take him and introduce him to the world of soft beds, warm hugs and, ahem, structure? Well. I mean. Look at those ears. How could we say no?!

A new foster family and their two dogs found themselves with a 63 pound puppy who needed to learn the basics about living in the world with humans. He's a happy guy. Not aggressive. Gets on well with other dogs and cats. The issue is when he gets over stimulated he gets OVER stimulated. Hard mouth. Grabbing pant legs and playing tug. You know. The really annoying stuff. And Yoda was their first foster!

Over the past few months, we have enjoyed watching their journey. Yoda has learned so much. He was ready for that final step. Yoda has been adopted by a young, energetic couple dedicated to continue the training work started by his fosters. You know what? We think he is going to be just fine.

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