Animal Success Stories
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Manley is a dog with big energy and lots of love to give. He has done so well in the time we've had him, learning to settle in our home and walk well on the leash. He loved "fish TV", watching our aquarium fish swim around, and cuddling on the couch. We're so happy that he's found his forever home with a family with lots of love to give. They have experience in training dogs, and we know Manley will thrive in their care. All the best Manley!


Happy, affectionate Buddy is off to his new home. Such a great dog and his fosters loved him. What great news and man-oh-man is he ever going to be loved. Well done Buddy. Well done.


Stan came into SPIN after we received a call for help. Two puppies, 5 month old male littermates. The first puppy, Ollie, was the larger of the two but was missing all of the 4 toes (except his dewclaw) on his left front foot. At five weeks old, Stan developed an infection and he lost all of his toes. He has been hobbling around on a little stump, trying his best to use it, but it is sore and tender. Ollie is currently being fostered in Toronto.

The second puppy, Stan, was supposed to be healthy. Yet upon intake, Stan presented as half the size of his brother and had a very strong heart murmur. So what originally was going to be the story of a poor little poodle that needed a prosthetic, was now elevated to include a tiny brother whose heart was a ticking time bomb.

A visit to the cardiologist confirmed that Stan suffered from a “severe valvular pulmonic stenosis.” In simple terms, the tube that moves blood from one side of his heart to his lungs to get oxygen - that tube’s ”open-close” valve is deformed. It’s too small and doesn’t open properly and so what that causes is a pressure difference on either side of the valve. In normal dogs it is 30. In severe cases it is 100. Stan….. well, Stan is 130. Which is very very severe. It’s so severe in fact, that the right side of his heart is already thickening with some stress - you see, it’s trying so hard to push all this blood through this deformed valve and so the muscle is getting thicker. But in the heart, thicker bigger muscles are not stronger muscles - they are stressed and therefore weaker.

SPIN could have operated to give Stan a fighting chance with his heart, but Dr. Michelle was also concerned about his kidneys. Stan’s ultrasound did not go well. Stan was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD causes fluid filled cysts to form in the kidneys. When this happens, it interferes with the kidneys’ ability to do their job. This results in drinking and peeing excessively, which we are seeing in Stan. But it gets worse. These cysts get bigger, and more and more develop over time. This damages the kidneys even further and leads to kidney failure within a couple years. There is no cure. There’s not even any real treatment. It’s just trying to give the kidneys support.

With the kidney diagnosis, it didn’t make sense to go forward with Stan’s heart surgery. His life is going to be short. Very short. And so SPIN needed to make sure we do absolutely what is in Stan’s best interest.

In the words of Dr. Michelle: “Because even if you’re not fixable, we will love your imperfect little self in whatever time you have left - more than anyone else ever would. That’s the power of SPIN.”

Who is going to adopt a very cute, peeing puppy with a limited life. Well remember Sloan in 2020? The dog with the bad hips, shoulders, knees, well everything really except for heart, soul and personality plus?  A “Newfadoodle” bred for profit, sold to a lovely unsuspecting buyer, sold as “normal” when really he was an orthopaedic nightmare. The seller was aware he was unfit for sale, and yet sold him anyways to make a quick buck. Remember him?  

After the SPIN community came together to give this poor dog a reasonable life, a very special person and supporter of SPIN for the longest time stepped up for Sloan. Dara has a big heart and a passion for helping special needs dogs. Sloan, now named Austin, has thrived on her farm. He is so happy. And now…. Drumroll please…. Stan will be too.

Yes Dara has outright adopted Stan. She knows that Stan will not live long and that he will need to pee far more than a healthy dog. Doensn’t matter. She and Greg will make sure that however long it is, Stan is going to be so happy and loved. Stan obviously knows who to suck up to.. Look who’s holding him for the adoption photo! Greg. Lol.

Congratulations, Stan. We are so happy for you. So happy.


Jasmine, with her sister Penelope, came into SPIN in July. They were an owner surrender living in the southern-most region of Alberta. Our SPIN volunteers are fantastic and two women, Linda and Denise jumped into action. Linda took in Penelope (and eventually adopted) and Denise took in Jasmine. Long distance driving! because Denise lived north of Edmonton.

Denise and her family loved Jasmine. What a character she turned out to be! Jasmine in particular loved Denise's husband and he became a little smitten. Good thing too because early on Jasmine peed and pooped in his truck! I thought that would be the end of it, but they persevered.

And now Jasmine has gone to her own home and their house is a little quieter. Ahhhh the downside of fostering! But so happy for Jasmine!!!!


Wilson came in to SPIN in May. An owner-surrender, Wilson was simply a lot of dog. BUT, Wilson spent his time in SPIN well. He learned new things. He learned to self-calm (I mean it's not perfect, but hey it's pretty good!). He learned that he was loved. And oh boy did his foster families dote on him, while promising me they were training....

Wilson's adopter took note of him when he was with his first foster in Gatineau. Her interest never waned and indeed was heightened each time Lynne or her daughter Ella posted about their adventures with their foster puppy. The deal breaker was when Wilson wouldn't stay out of Lynne's pool. That was the dog for her!

So now Wilson can enjoy a home, a cottage on the dock, play time at doggy camp and all sorts of fun and new things. His training will continue under the coaching of a great trainer. We couldn't be happier for Wilson. Love you Wilson! Try to be good.

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