Animal Success Stories
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Little Ollie has found the best home! A house on a lake with lots of room to run and play. Not one, but two people home -- a mother daughter team -- to ensure all his princely needs are met. And lots and lots and lots of play time. Congratulations Ollie. We are so happy for you!


Awwww. Look who got adopted today! Sophie!!! Yeah. This was Sophie's foster Mom's first time fostering. I warned her all about how much work it is, how some dogs will test you to the limit, how you may get things peed on and furniture damaged. But Tami was game! Okay! And then in walked Sophie. Good as gold. No trouble at all. The only issue was Covid and that delayed meet and greets. Oh and this lock down was loooooong! But patience won out and today, dear Sophie, today is the day Sophie's next step into a new life begins. 


Oh little Benji has found himself the best family! Such a cutie. We will miss his foster Mom's posts but look forward to a whole new series of stories. Such a happy little dog. Bonne chance, Benji. Perhaps keep the quirky to a minimum for awhile. lol.


SPIN's little Odie successfully made his first big step into a new life. These little ones sure do have a big personality and Odie was no exception. Everyone that met him fell in love with his quirky self and when he looked at you with those big mischievous eyes you couldn't help but laugh. So we found him a happy family where he will be their one and only dog. The centre of attention. The apple of everyone's eye. Live well, little Odie. Live Big.


We have all been enjoying Millie’s foster family’s  posts about Millie. The had taken to calling her Mildred and just loved her. They weren't at all sad when the pandemic lockdown lengthened her stay with them. lol.

Ahhhh, but today is the day that Millie starts her new life. John wrote: “Millie is off to her forever home today. She'll have a great life with Harry & Wilma. She just may have been the hardest to let go”.

Congratulations Millie! Live your best life!

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