Animal Success Stories
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Please give a big SPIN congratulations to Stanley!

Puppy Stanley! Oh my gosh. Sooo cute and such a silly. In April 2020, SPIN was asked if we could take in a puppy. He had landed some bites on a child and a toddler. Now the bites were not bad, but we do get concerned when a puppy lands harsh bites (rather than play nipping). He was also described as an overly fearful puppy. Right. Okay then. We knew Stanley just needed a bit of downtime to readjust his perspective. Life shouldn't be that scary! When Stanley first arrived he was overly nervous and fearful. He would bolt out of the pen if someone came in and the door was left open. He didn't want people near him. Mark worked with Stanley for three months and then as he was ready we moved him to a new foster home. Alexa continued workin with Stanley slowly introducing him to the big wide world. He loved playing with Bonsai and absolutely adored Alexa. Stanley was with Alexa for about six months.  Now Stanley is off on a new adventure. He has learned the skills he needs to make the right choices. His new family is over the moon happy. His new sister, Nala has welcomed her new brother into her home. We are thrilled. Love you Baby Stanley!


Please give a big shout of Congratulations to Boris!

Back in Sept, 2020, SPIN was told of a standard poodle in a shelter in Quebec. Apparently he had snapped at one of the children, drove the other dog nuts with his constant bugging to play and was seriously too high energy. He had also had a couple of epileptic seizures. He was anxious and not doing well in the shelter, and this, coupled with the possibility of a seizure, galvanized our volunteers. Within no time, Boris was picked up and transported to his great foster home with Sophie Le Prohon. Sophie worked with Boris trying to teach him to self calm. It was tough during Covid, but she managed to get him used to somewhat calmly meeting other dogs and people. He made great friends with Nero, a SPIN alumnus and also one of Sophie's fosters. Those two dogs had a great time together. Such great dogs. And now our dear energetic, bouncy poodle is off on his new adventure. Oh, Boris. You are one lucky, lucky poodle.


Please give a big SPIN shout of congratulations to Douglas! He has found a great home complete with a 2 1/2 acres fenced yard. Douglas came into SPIN a highly anxious dog who loved to bounce. Bounced if he was happy, bounced if he was anxious, bounced, bounced, bounced.
We set him up for success with Mark at K9 Komfort Inn. Mark worked with Douglas to teach him how to self calm. Now when Douglas bounces (oh yes, Douglas bounces, you never want to take the bounce out of a standard poodle) it's not redirected behaviour but a bounce of joy. Keep on bouncing Douglas!


Please give a big shout of Congratulations to SPIN's Baxter. It took a little time to find the right family for Baxter, but oh boy, did the right family turn up! Baxter has Addison's Disease and while this disease is easily managed, it does take a bit of diligence in terms of meds and keeping an eye on stress levels. But this silly dog is going to be great. Have a fabulous life, Baxter! Love you, buddy.


A big SPIN congratulations to Charlie! SPIN received a call help on Nov. 9. Charlie, a young standard poodle was simply too energetic and strong and the senior grumpy dog was at his wit's end. Could we help? Of course! Lynne, a long-time foster and volunteer jumped in the car!
Lynne first reported that Charlie was very scared and they were moving very very slowly with her. But it didn't take long until Charlie embraced her inner poodle and bounced back to her happy, energetic self.
Now let me tell you another tale. Way back in May, 2016 this fabulous, fun family adopted Jasper from SPIN a super duper giant schnauzer poodle mix. I'll always remember this dog running down the bird shadows in the Freedom Yard. He had all sorts of games he would play and was so much fun to watch.
And now Jasper is a big brother! Two well-matched dogs bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. What a great day for Charlie.

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