Animal Success Stories
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Leo - Standard Poodle

Foster Mom whispers to Leo; "Leo wake up please. Leo! wake up". Leo starts up. "Why do I have to have another bath today. I just had one last week when those people came to visit. I'm not that dirty. Plus why did you have to blow me dry again, I could just sit in the sun and dry, it's a beautiful day outside. " Foster Mom rejoins; "Leo those people are going to be your new family" Leo " Really!! I really liked going for a walk with them. Especially Chase. I really liked Chase. You're not kidding are you. I get to go live with all of them?"  " Yes you do and you can even take your bed."   Leo "Yahooo!!!" 
Lets all congratulate Leo for finding his forever home.  What great adventures they all will have together.


A big SPIN congratulations goes out to Sammy. He has found a lovely, happy family to call his own. Lots of company and bonhomie. Just what we all need. Gentle silly Sammy. What a lovely poodle.


When Bentley came in to SPIN, he wasn't house trained and he was a big bundle of nerves. I really thought that the foster family would give up. It was one super annoying behaviour after the other. Who wants a big dog defecating in your house? But you know what, they stuck with it. They laughed. They cried. They complained. But they did it! Actually they didn't complain that much -- they reported the behaviour and dealt with it. Helping Bentley to become adoptable. They taught him house skills. They taught him to walk on leash properly. They taught him that the incessant loud excited barking at other dogs was not viewed as an invitation to play. They taught him a lot.
But now Bentley is off on his new adventure. A fun active family and a new brother that looks like him. Well done, Bentley. You got this!


Luke came into SPIN in late 2019. He presented with incredibly high prey drive, getting far, far too over-aroused with chase. He would see a squirrel outside the house and then run around to all the windows barking and jumping. Outside he was uncontrollable. Luke's foster home tried to help but with all the activity, progress was slow and to be honest it wasn't really working. So, we tried another tactic. Luke was sent to Mark Penny for board and train, although it really should be bored and train. Mark allowed Luke the time to decompress. Just be. No activity here my friend. Nothing going on. Slowly, slowly, Luke's mind started to relax. His alert reactions to everything, and I mean everything, started to diminish. You know, you've felt it yourself, that when your mind is whirling out of fear or anxiety (I get it when I have to do any kind of public speaking) you can't think straight. It's the same for a dog. If his mind is going 100 miles a minute, he can't think through what you are asking of him. He gets stuck in instinct and involuntary behaviours. Mark gave him the space to calm. To get bored. Ahhhh the relaxing quality of boredom. And then we can engage. To learn new things. New ways of responding to the world. We tested the new and improved Luke out with a new foster home and Luke proved to be a dream dog. Well behaved. If aroused he had learned to relax in a shortened period of time. Luke will always be prone to over-arousal, but with continued work on relaxation and response we are confident that he will lead the very best life. And now he is off on a new adventure. Well done Luke. You have come a long way. We are so proud of you.


Found on the mean streets of Toronto, taken in as a stray by Toronto Animal Services and then into a wonderful foster home with SPIN. It's a rags to riches story!
Sophie's foster home has a long history with SPIN. They adopted a beautiful toy poodle from us named Tangerine back in 2014. They then thought that they should foster and they fostered a black standard poodle named Magwa and they fell in love. They weren't supposed to, but they did. Magwa had just the biggest personality. It was so sad when he passed recently.
Well their house was empty and they messaged me that they wanted to foster just as Toronto Animal Services was messaging us about this young street dog that needed a foster home. I ran this potential foster dog by them. Well they really didn't want a young dog, and well gosh she's black... Ok. Let's give it a go. They named their foster dog Sophie. And they fell in love. They weren't supposed to, but they did. Again.
Welcome home, Sophie. You are going to be so loved. Magwa is definitely pleased.

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