Animal Success Stories
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Elly May

SPIN got a call from an owner who had just come down with a serious illness. She asked if we could help her Elly May. But, she warned us, Elly May can be a bit of a handful. A little nervous, a little unsure. Hasn't really had much experience with the world. We said sure! We have the perfect foster home for Elly May. John and family worked with this love bug of a dog and helped instill a little confidence. And now. Well now Elly May again has a lovely family she can call her own. Well done, Elly May. Well done. 


Whoop Whoop! A big congratulations to Divo!!!

Way, way back in November of 2018 we got a call from the shelter in Kitimat, BC, that a standard poodle had been surrendered. Nervous and super skinny, they asked if SPIN could help. We said... of course!!! It took us awhile to arrange transportation but December 20, Divo arrived in the Vancouver area.

Divo was soooooo lucky. He was fostered by Jane Bowers, Dogs of Distinction Canine Training, who immediately recognized that Divo suffered from a severe compulsive disorder that detrimentally affected his quality of life. Jane was determined that this poor dog would not suffer with this disability and set about to help Divo gain control over his abnormal compulsion to chase lights and shadows.

In May, SPIN solicited the help of a highly regarded Veterinary Behaviourist who worked with Jane to find the right combination of drugs that would dampen the urge to chase so that Jane's desensitization exercises and counter conditioning could begin to take effect.

Jane's journal entry in May: "He is beginning treatment with Gabapentin and continue the management/prevention program I have been doing with him until the drugs start to have an effect (another drug starts in 1 week ) in a few weeks. Brain games will continue to keep Divo stimulated. He will wear the calming cap to avoid being triggered. he is still underweight and I will divide his meals into two feedings a day and increase the amount( divided feedings are to avoid bloat). Once it looks like the drugs are having an effect, I will begin I will begin desensitization and counter conditioning exercises with him. We have a follow up tel consult in 2.5 weeks and an in person appointment in about 6 weeks generously given at no charge by the behaviorist!)."

By January, Divo's compulsive disorder was very much improved and Jane was now exposing him to new situations. There was still work to do!!!  "Divo shows excited and reactive behavior when on leash in new environments . he strains at the leash, launches at other dogs, vocalizes and chatters his teeth while attempting to bite the leash. He isn't aggressive but rather, overwhelmed. Am email the behaviorist and walking him on shorter walks and in areas with fewer distractions. This is recent behavior."

By May 2020 the tone of Jane's emails had changed. Divo had excellent house manners. Able to focus and ignore shadows and lights. Loved learning and excelling at games such as Hoopers and Parkour. Loved his walks.

Jane Bowers had a herculean task before her. She never once gave up on him. Not once. Always moving forward. Gathering together all her skills to help this one dog live the best life he could possibly live. Divo is a sensitive dog. He will always need to have a managed environment and somebody willing to work with him. But thanks to Jane, Divo is now ready to move to the next stage -- a forever home all of his own.

Divo has now found a family that will continue all of his training. They will work with him. Love him. Be there for him. Happy ending indeed. We love you Divo!


Yeah Barkley! Little Barkley has been adopted.And to a wonderful family that he can call his very own. His foster family did such a great job of calming this little fella down and letting him grow in confidence. He is now ready to take on the world. Keep on barking on, Barkley!

Leo - Standard Poodle

Foster Mom whispers to Leo; "Leo wake up please. Leo! wake up". Leo starts up. "Why do I have to have another bath today. I just had one last week when those people came to visit. I'm not that dirty. Plus why did you have to blow me dry again, I could just sit in the sun and dry, it's a beautiful day outside. " Foster Mom rejoins; "Leo those people are going to be your new family" Leo " Really!! I really liked going for a walk with them. Especially Chase. I really liked Chase. You're not kidding are you. I get to go live with all of them?"  " Yes you do and you can even take your bed."   Leo "Yahooo!!!" 
Lets all congratulate Leo for finding his forever home.  What great adventures they all will have together.


A big SPIN congratulations goes out to Sammy. He has found a lovely, happy family to call his own. Lots of company and bonhomie. Just what we all need. Gentle silly Sammy. What a lovely poodle.

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