Animal Success Stories
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In February, SPIN was contacted by a shelter in Quebec asking if SPIN could take a five year old standard poodle named Bill. He was very anxious in the shelter and because he is such a great dog, they really only wanted the best for him. And that's SPIN! Bill was surrendered to the shelter for barking while alone. The shelter did adopt him out once, but he was returned for the same issue. No worries, Bill! Let's get you sorted. Today Bill was adopted. Sigh. He is in a home who will give him all the time and attention Bill craves. Isn't that great?! Awesome.


Rosie came into SPIN in January. At seven months old she was still a little shy and as cute as cute can be. Her foster family welcomed her into their home. After the long stress of Covid, a little red standard poodle puppy was just what they needed. Rosie brought laughs and giggles into their home again.

Rosie grew in confidence and her foster family adored her. They are very proud of her and the gains and progress she made. Rosie loves to play with other dogs and she is so lucky! Rosie's new home has not one but three standard poodles she can play with. She will have a blast.


Back in February, SPIN got a call from a distressed family experiencing severe allergies from their newly purchased puppy. Tango was said to be a Dalmatian Poodle mix. We really did try to get another rescue to take this dog but not one rescue responded to us. As you know, SPIN has a mandate to take in any Standard Poodle in need anywhere in Canada. We do take in the mixes and the little ones, but their intake is not automatic. Because we had so many dogs in the rescue we tried very hard to find this little fella another place to land.... The situation with the family became desperate. We had to help them. We had to! And so Tango came into SPIN. He was three months old.

SPIN has never ever had so many young puppies in our care. We've never had to think through the process of puppy adoption. All dogs were spayed or neutered before they became available. If we had to hold them a couple more months in foster care that's what we did. And then along came 2022.

The five parvo puppies and Tango forced SPIN to develop a process around adopting out unaltered dogs. We are confident we got it right. Plus we are confident in Tango's foster-to-adopt family. When Tango is neutered he will become wholly/legally their dog, Tango is sooooo lucky! He has found a young couple with the energy and experience to give him the happiest, most fulfilling life. Look at these smiling faces!


In February, we got a call to help this beautiful standard poodle. He had been having a series of unlucky breaks and really just needed a home where he could chill, decompress and regroup. At the same time I had brought on board a foster family that didn't have a dog and wanted to open there home to a standard poodle. Serendipity? Fate? I don't know. SPIN seems to have this lucky aura surrounding it....

Well this foster home was perfect for Lex. They fell in love. Lex fell in love. And while we don't encourage our first time fosters to adopt their dog, we couldn't move him. Lex was home. Congratulations, Lex. You are awesome.


Yes, the first of SPIN's four St. Bernard Poodle mixes has been adopted. They came from a for-profit breeding farm that shut down releasing over 60 dogs into multiple Ontario rescues. But Loonie is now in her own home. Safe and loved and living such a great life with Cindy Stargratt-Blanchard and family. Loonie and SPIN alum Leo are not grumbling at each other and in fact have realized that they actually like the company. Loonie! We love you baby girl.

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