Animal Success Stories
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Congratulations Coco. Off to a young family. At least the young girls will be able to keep up with you on your walks!


Marty came into SPIN in September. He was intact and so needed to be neutered but first we had to deal with a raging ear infection. Oh my the infection was horrible. But with veterinary help and a diligent foster Mom he infection slowly cleared up.
While Marty healed he started to really enjoy his foster home, although he did remain anxious. Unfortunately he was intact and his intactness (or something) starte d to bug the other male, very sweet, subservient dog in the house. The two wanted to remain separate and Marty's foster Mom worked very hard to keep the peace. And then Marty ripped apart an old couch and we knew we had to move him.
So we moved Marty to another foster home not too far away. Here Marty shared his life with two standard poodles. They were good together, although it became clear that Marty would really like a home where he was the only dog. With the ear infection cleared up, we could now go ahead and neuter.
And look who showed up! The perfect home. Outdoorsy. No other dogs. Well versed in dog behaviour. He can start the process of truly relaxing and begin to enjoy the life he was truly meant to have.
We love you Marty!


YoYo has been adopted! Today this little grey bundle of love was scooped up and headed home. YoYo was one happy pup cuddling with his new dad and talking a short walk with his new mom before heading out. YoYo was all wiggles meeting his new family and there are two little girls waiting impatiently at home for him to arrive. What fun they are going to have together.
YoYo has been a model foster, friendly, playful, well-behaved and cuddly. He loves to settle down in your lap for a snooze or tummy rub. Open the door and he is ready to explore, racing out to look for squirrels or converse with the neighbour's dogs.
His foster Mom admits that it was very hard saying goodbye to YoYo and she couldn't watch the car pull out knowing she won't see him again. While she is going to miss him she is very happy for him and his new family; may you enjoy many happy years and adventures together.


Casper c ame in from a loving home that needed to surrender due to changed life circumstances. Casper has been loved all of his life. To be honest, he was a little nervous and anxious but Steve and Paulene, Rayne and all the critters in their house helped Casper to calm and find his inner poodle.
And now he is off to his new life where he will be the darling of the house. Spoiled rotten (as he is used to) and adored. Well done, Casper. Well done.


When Lucy's person passed away unexpectedly, Lucy was bereft. She really didn't know what was going on. SPIN was called and we undertook an emergency intake. One foster family stepped right up and ran over to pick her up. Well. As fate would have it, and we knew from her first post, this was the dog for her. She has fostered other dogs. She resisted and twisted and turned. But in the end she gave in. Lucy, your foster Mom can't give you up. You are home. Be prepared for lots and lots of selfies...

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