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The biggest secret that SPIN has ever had can now be REVEALED!

Despite various leaks throughout the two weeks, and, seriously I thought I was going to BURST, I can now tell you --- wait. Do you have your dancing shoes on? If you don't. Stop reading. Go get them.
So awhile ago, this lovely couple applied to adopt Josh. And instead of being put off by Josh's special needs, they actually came out to meet him. Over the next few months they kept coming back and decided that they w ould like to adopt him. They have a farm, very quiet, limited activity - well except for the goats that is.
The only thing they didn't have was another dog. Josh has always lived with other dogs. They are important to his well being. No problem. They said. We will adopt Knight too. What?
So they adopted Knight and we let Knight settle in. Last weekend they took Josh home. Would Josh accept Knight? Would Knight accept Josh? We waited to see if the match was as good as we thought.
Today I am overjoyed to tell you that yes indeed Josh and Knight have found their forever homes. Josh has been with SPIN for 2 1/2 years. We love him and know that he will be loved and feel safe. As for our friend Knight. Well Knight is already partying it up with the goats!