Animal Success Stories
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Some dogs just steal our hearts! And Nero, sweet Nero, is one of them. Please give a big SPIN congratulations to Nero. He is home. Nero came to us from the Ottawa Humane Society. They asked for our help because they were just not equipped to manage this sweet pup's needs. Nero, a poodle mix and only one year old, was found in an Ottawa-area parking lot, matted, and in rough shape. Once he got to know you, he was so affectionate and loving, but if he didn't know you, and particularly if you were a man, he would bark and growl upon your approach. Nero was anxious in the shelter and so the Ottawa Humane Society (so nice) found a foster home for him. This is when they found out about his separation anxiety. Nero eliminated in the house, vocalized and destroyed carpet when left alone. If crated, Nero would pull the carpet or any nearby fabric into the crate and destroy his bedding. Once he was left in the laundry room and he scratched at the door, eliminated, threw the clothes everywhere and destroyed his bedding. Sigh The Ottawa Humane Society reached out:"I know this is asking a lot but let me know if you could help us out. We just don’t feel the shelter is the right place to house him while we try to find him a home." After MUCH discussion amongst the executive, and a commitment from a very keen foster home that knew she could help him, we said, "of course." A dedicated SPIN foster took Nero under her wing and recruited another couple to help her. Between them Nero would never be left alone except for brief time periods. Starting at just picking up her keys and walking around, to going to the door and coming back, turn the door knob and come back, go out, come in, leave for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, slowly, slowly, slowly building to 10 minutes (hooray), 15 minutes, 30 minutes,... well you get the picture. They taught Nero to walk nicely on leash, to not freak out at new people and men, to enjoy the water, to enjoy walking downtown. We have all enjoyed her posts and cheered Nero's progress. But in the time that Nero was in SPIN, his team fell head over heels in love with him. And so, without much more ado, I want to announce Nero's adoption to the couple that was helping Nero adjust. They just can't imagine life without him. His foster Mom will continue to help out and train. She has big plans for agility! What can I say. Nero stole their hearts!