Animal Success Stories
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Marty came into SPIN in September. He was intact and so needed to be neutered but first we had to deal with a raging ear infection. Oh my the infection was horrible. But with veterinary help and a diligent foster Mom he infection slowly cleared up.
While Marty healed he started to really enjoy his foster home, although he did remain anxious. Unfortunately he was intact and his intactness (or something) starte d to bug the other male, very sweet, subservient dog in the house. The two wanted to remain separate and Marty's foster Mom worked very hard to keep the peace. And then Marty ripped apart an old couch and we knew we had to move him.
So we moved Marty to another foster home not too far away. Here Marty shared his life with two standard poodles. They were good together, although it became clear that Marty would really like a home where he was the only dog. With the ear infection cleared up, we could now go ahead and neuter.
And look who showed up! The perfect home. Outdoorsy. No other dogs. Well versed in dog behaviour. He can start the process of truly relaxing and begin to enjoy the life he was truly meant to have.
We love you Marty!