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Please give a big SPIN shout of congratulations to Penny!

Pretty Penny came into SPIN as a very young puppy in November 2019 with some medical concerns. We suspected that she had an ectopic ureter at that time, which caused her to continually drip urine. We could not be sure this was the cause until she reached maturity, and this meant a wait of four to five months. And then COVID hit and then we had to wait even longer!
An ectopic ureter is not peeing in the wrong location - this is something she cannot control. Basically, one of the tubes (ureters) that brings the urine from the kidneys to the bladder was not properly connected to the bladder. So instead of the urine going to the bladder, it goes to wherever the tube leads. In Penny’s case it was discovered that her left ureter was connecting somewhere below the bladder.
In August of 2020, Penny finally had the exploratory surgery to figure out what exactly the issue was. We had crossed our fingers hoping they would be able to fix it with lasers right then and there. No such luck, we needed to do the more invasive approach, which meant that we could spay her at the same time. Silver linings I suppose…
On October 1st, she finally had the surgery. Penny recovered well from surgery, although it was a challenge for her foster family to keep her quiet for two weeks. Puppies!! But they had a pretty sweet suit set up for her to come home to in order to help with this part. Penny apparently took her pills like a champ!
On October 29th SPINNation collectively held their breath again as our Pretty Penny went back to the vets for an ultrasound to make sure that the surgery was a complete success. There had not been any pee anywhere except outside since Penny had the surgery so it sounded like things went well, but we like to be 100% sure!
With all the initial assessment appointments, plus the 2 specialist/surgery appointments, SPIN spent just over $10,000 on our Pretty Penny. I am telling you the cost not to alarm you, but to tell you that because of you; donors, volunteers and fosters, SPIN was happily able to help this beautiful dog live her best life. Well done everyone. Well done.
Today is graduation day. Penny has been adopted! She’ll be their number one and will have a beautiful home where she’ll be treated like the little princess she is. We will miss you baby girl, but we are all so happy for you.