Animal Success Stories
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When Bentley came in to SPIN, he wasn't house trained and he was a big bundle of nerves. I really thought that the foster family would give up. It was one super annoying behaviour after the other. Who wants a big dog defecating in your house? But you know what, they stuck with it. They laughed. They cried. They complained. But they did it! Actually they didn't complain that much -- they reported the behaviour and dealt with it. Helping Bentley to become adoptable. They taught him house skills. They taught him to walk on leash properly. They taught him that the incessant loud excited barking at other dogs was not viewed as an invitation to play. They taught him a lot.
But now Bentley is off on his new adventure. A fun active family and a new brother that looks like him. Well done, Bentley. You got this!