Animal Success Stories
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Please give a big SPIN congratulations to Blackberry! When Blackberry was lovingly, tearfully, surrendered to SPIN through changed life circumstances we knew we had a challenge on our hands! Blackberry was only one year old and his puppy brain was still engaged. Holy smokes! He was reactive on leash - would jump, bark and lunge at passing dogs, wanted to chase squirrels and generally charge about. He mouthed, nipped and grabbed clothes. In other words, brat. Who else would take a dog like this on but SPIN's own Margaret Pender of DogGone Right. She turned Mr. Rambunctious into Mr. Less Rambunctious. lol. We sat on the edge of our seats as we waited for Blackberry's medical results come in. Blackberry was born with deformed kidneys and we don't really know how long he has to live. But today. Today was a big win for Blackberry. He was adopted by a young family who have the energy to match this silly dog. Blackberry does not know there is anything wrong and he is still a young, energetic, very fun dog. You go have a great life BB. We know you are going to laugh and love -- a lot.