Animal Success Stories
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Arabella SPIN friends....a little story. I received an application from a nice young couple in Montreal who very much wanted to foster. It was in the height of COVID and so many people were sending in applications. We couldn't do home visits and everything on our end was slowing down and so I put everybody on hold. Many of those who put in applications never returned. But Carolyn did! She waited and waited. And then a personal matter came up and she couldn't foster. And then she came back and she waited and waited. And then Arabella arrived....

Arabella is a 12 year old standard poodle whose person had passed away. She had lived in several homes, but SPIN was asked to find her just the right one. Carolyn and her husband opened their heart and their home to Arabella. They fell in love with this quirky, solitary dog that doesn't really like people all that much. Well except for Carolyn and Xavier. She loves them. She knows good people when she sees them.

So today, today on Arabella's 13th birthday, SPIN is announcing that Arabella is home. Her days of moving are over. This is it! Done. The good life is here. Happy birthday, baby girl. You got the best present ever!