Animal Success Stories
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Back in late 2020, SPIN got a call that two male standard poodles were released from a puppy mill and needed to be surrendered immediately. One post. Just one post and our volunteers jumped into action. One volunteer drove to pick up, then turned around and drove all the way to Norwood Ontario to Mark Penny's kennel and then drove back home. I'm sure that drive took all together 10 hours. Lynne would have a better idea of time, but the drive itself was heroic.

One of the dogs, Rex, came with a name, but the other dog didn't have a name and so we called him Scout. Rex and Scout were nothing short of terrified. Poor dogs. They stayed with Mark at K9 Komfort Inn, learning how to trust, decompressing and find some joy in life.

In the spring of 2021, SPIN wanted to move Rex and Scout into the next stage. Learning how to live in a home. When considering potential foster homes we immediately thought of Deb and her husband. They had adopted Josh from SPIN and because Josh needed another dog in his home, they also adopted Knight! How great are they!

After Josh passed we knew Knight would be a little lonely and so asked if they would like to help Scout. Deb and her husband travelled from Bancroft to Norwood two to three times a week spending a good hour each time with Scout. They wanted Scout to be completely comfortable with them before they took him home.

They also built a beautiful fenced-in backyard for Scout so that he would have a safe place to be outside. Oh wow.

It came as no surprise that when Scout was neutered and ready to be adopted that they asked if they could adopt him. Knight and Scout get along beautifully. Scout trusts them completely and is even welcoming to their friends. It was obvious to SPIN that Scout was home.

Thank you to everybody who helped in Scout's journey. But thank you so much to Deb and her husband who have made an extraordinary effort for this very deserving standard poodle.