Animal Success Stories
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December 2020. SPIN receives a message that someone has managed to get out two male standard poodles from a puppy mill. Can you help? You bet! 

Ella, a SPIN volunteer jumped in the car and started to drive. In the end it took her over 12 hours to pick them up, take them to K9 Komfort Inn and then drive home. A phenomenal act of love. Not everything went smoothly. When Ella and Mark were taking Rex in his crate out of the car, Rex's crate broke and Rex took off. The Executive was alerted. I can't tell you what my feelings were when I received that phone call. I honestly thought we would never see him again.

BUT he hung around! Amazing. And smart dog! Mark eventually got Rex in a yard and then into a kennel next to the other puppy mill survivor, who we had named Scout. Rex was warm and safe for the first time in his life. Rex and Scout hung out and learned new behaviours with Mark. After a little over five months in the kennel, SPIN thought they were ready to be fostered in a home environment. Scout was fostered and eventually adopted by his foster family. Rex was taken in by Steve and Paulene.

We have enjoyed the adventures of Rex. Steve is such a great story teller! and now Rex is off to his new home. They don't live near Rex. In fact they have to stay overnight when they come to visit. But they have done this over and over again to ensure Rex knows them and is comfortable with them. There are such great people in this world.

The story of Rex and Scout is really a story of hope, dedication and love. Too trite? It seems true to me. After some humans chasing the market of high-priced, so-called doodles, abandoning all sense of decency and kindness, in step a whole group of people that work to right the damage they have done. Rex. You go live a great life. It's your turn. Enjoy!