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A big SPIN shout of congratulations to Yoda

Back in January, SPIN was contacted by the Windsor Humane Society about a young poodle mix they had named Yoda. He was found loose on the streets so matted, dirty and covered in feces and urine. It took three hours to shave him down. They asked if we could take him and introduce him to the world of soft beds, warm hugs and, ahem, structure? Well. I mean. Look at those ears. How could we say no?!

A new foster family and their two dogs found themselves with a 63 pound puppy who needed to learn the basics about living in the world with humans. He's a happy guy. Not aggressive. Gets on well with other dogs and cats. The issue is when he gets over stimulated he gets OVER stimulated. Hard mouth. Grabbing pant legs and playing tug. You know. The really annoying stuff. And Yoda was their first foster!

Over the past few months, we have enjoyed watching their journey. Yoda has learned so much. He was ready for that final step. Yoda has been adopted by a young, energetic couple dedicated to continue the training work started by his fosters. You know what? We think he is going to be just fine.