Animal Success Stories
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Back in July, SPIN received a call for help. Murphy was sold to at nine weeks as a standard poodle to a young family. He came without a microchip and no proof of vaccination. Hmmmmm. BUT, he was very cute and a big bundle of puppy energy. And he was mouthy. Could we help?

Well sure! How bad could a poodle, likely mix, puppy be? You know, in SPIN we get all sorts of dogs with all sorts of behaviours. I have never felt such a hard mouth on a puppy before. And he was wound up real good! We called him Baby Shark and that was a completely accurate description. He could shred your hands in seconds.

Murphy will always have a hard mouth. His foster Mom, Kate had to teach him how to hold back, to not nip and jump, to be polite with us humans. It was months of slow, steady work. Murphy learned to be polite with her pack and with her family.

Murphy, SPIN's Baby Shark has graduated into the big wide world. He has a home he can call his own. Moving all the way to PEI too! How much fun is that? Kate cried and cried today. She said it was joyous tears. We are positive that Murphy will love his new home and family. We love you Murphy. Remember all that your foster Mom taught you!