Animal Success Stories
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SPIN's fabulous and oh-so-handsome Bernard has hit the jackpot. Again! Seriously. How can one dog be so lucky? Bernard was surrendered back in July by an extremely tearful family. Oh my gosh they loved this dog, but honestly it just wasn't the right fit. They knew it. Bernard knew it. And so they found the courage and asked for help. Good on them.

A first-time foster family put up their hand just as Bernard was coming into SPIN. They didn't have another dog and that's a rarity in the foster world. Plus they loved standard poodles. Would you like to foster Bernard? Oh my goodness, yes. They worked wonders with Bernard simply by teaching him how to self-calm. SPIN invested in one-on-one training for leash reactivity and you know, he's starting to get it!

But now for the exciting news. One of SPIN’s prior adopters showed an interest in Bernard. They recently lost their standard poodle who was, to be honest, of a very similar character. They love the saucy ones! And they fell in love with Bernard. They will continue his training and I bet he is going to be just the best dog. We look forward to following his journey. We love you Bernard!!!