Walk for SPIN

Sunday June 7, 2020

On Sunday June 7th, SPIN is holding its first ever Virtual Walk for SPIN. Lace up those walking shoes and hit the street/road/ treadmill/yard/park and walk to raise funds for all our SPIN pups! You can walk individually or with your family - according to local social distancing requirements of course.  Normally our fundraiser is a 5 km walk. But if you cannot do a 5 km walk, commit to a shorter distance or a certain number of laps around your yard.

It’s easy to participate with no registration fee and no minimum donation or distance. We’ll provide tips to help you fundraise and when it comes time for the walk, we invite you to complete your walk in true poodle style: however you want! A trail walk with your pet, a solo run, a traveling interpretive dance... whatever makes you happy! Show us and your supporters how you put your SPIN on it!

We’re excited for this new type of fundraiser. We hope you’ll join us.  The great thing about a Virtual Walk is that ANYone, ANYwhere can take part ANYway they like! Wouldn't it be AMAZING to see people from all over Canada walking, running, prancing, skipping maybe even SPINNING!!! for SPIN!

Lots of love and curls,


How it Works

  1. To fundraise with us, register at the event website (Click here for the Walk for SPIN Event Website)
  2. Set your goal! We’ve put together some dollar amounts that cover certain items and bills below to help you show your supporters exactly what we can do when you hit your goal! These goals are a suggestion, so if you want to aim for a lower amount or shoot for the moon, feel free to set your own goal!
  3. Put the FUN in fundraise! Get creative with our fundraising tips and get the word out to your friends, family and community about your fundraising page.  People can donate or sponsor you by going to the event page, selecting you from the list of participants, and then clicking to donate. (Click here for the List of Walk for SPIN Fundraisers)
  4. On June 7th, Walk for SPIN! Share pictures and videos on our FaceBook or Instagram page while you complete your walk however you like. Remember, while there is no set distance, time or location, please be conscious of local COVID-19 regulations and social distancing protocols.
  5. Feeling competitive? Compete for cash prizes! Prizes will be awarded for Most Money Raised, Best Walking Costume and Best Finish Line Crossing Video.


Goal Suggestions:

Here are some suggestions for fundraising goals, based on medical costs:

  • $50     - Covers a general health checkup at a vet, OR Annual Vaccines for 2-3 poodles OR ear infection medication for those pesky poodle ears.
  • $75     - Covers a follow-up appointment with a veterinary specialist.
  • $100   - Covers several months of prescription medicines for a poodle. Common prescriptions include pain management and insulin.
  • $250   - Covers 1-2 months of prescription food for poodles with medical conditions that require dietary changes, like kidney failure and allergies.
  • $400   - Covers a normal poodle spay or neuter.
  • $500   - Covers one CT scan for a poodle being assessed for illness.
  • $1000 - Covers an emergency vet visit, including X-rays, blood work and essential IV fluids to determine the cause and stabilize a poodle in crisis. 

More information:

Click on the following links for details:

  1. How to register / set up your fundraising page
  2. Fundraising tips
  3. How to win prizes